Configure Proxy Using PAC Files on Firefox for Android

Last updated on August 21, 2016

Firefox for Android does not provide a UI option for users to to configure Firefox to use PAC file for proxy settings, but we can use the about:config page to achieve this goal.

Type about:config into your Firefox address bar, and you’ll see a list of options below. In the search box, type proxy to list all options related to proxy. There are two notable options listed here: network.proxy.type and network.proxy.autoconfig_url. Change network.proxy.type to 2 and network.proxy.autoconfig_url to the URL of the PAC file (Tap on the edit box below the configuration option twice to start edit the option). Close the about:config page and now Firefox should use the PAC file for proxy.

To configure the proxy of Firefox on Android using a given proxy server and port, please see this article.

2 thoughts on “Configure Proxy Using PAC Files on Firefox for Android

  1. Robert

    It may be nice to know/add that it’s also possible to add a local PAC file. Imagine the PAC file to reside in the root folder of the SD card (My Files > Device Storage, or “/storage/emulated/0”), the path to enter for network.proxy.autoconfig_url would be file:///sdcard/pac_file.pac.


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