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Send Git Patches Using GUI Email Clients

Last updated on December 14, 2016

Git is a popular version control system that manages many impacting open source projects. Many of these projects, such as Linux kernel, zsh, GNU Emacs, etc. require patches and pull requests to be sent to their mailing lists. This can usually be done via git send-email or git imap-send, which, however, often takes a large amount of configuration and headaches for many people to make it work for the first time. Here, I propose a new approach to send git patches via email with GUI email clients, such as Thunderbird, Evolution, Claws Mail and Apple Mail.

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Archive a Git Superproject and Its Submodules

Last updated on May 5, 2021

While Git is a powerful and popular Distributed Version Control System, Git’s Submodule feature and Archive feature make Git even more powerful. However, the two features seems not working together well: Git’s archive command does not provide a way to archive a Git repository and all of its submodules (yet). Fortunately, many scripts that could do this for us are available online, but not all of them work like a charm. After browsing the Internet and trying them one by one, I found this python script every useful. It has helped me and I believe it will also bring you luck.

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Attach a Pull Request to an Existing GitHub Issue

Last updated on October 1, 2016

GitHub users may have this experience: after reporting an issue for a project on GitHub, you suddenly found a solution to fix it. Then you want to attach a pull request to this issue, but by the time this article is written, GitHub does not provide a web interface to attach a pull request to an issue. However, no such web interface does not mean it’s impossible — a command line tool called hub could help you out.

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