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A Collection of Issues about the LaTeX Output in Sphinx and the Solutions

Sphinx is a powerful documentation generation tool, as well as a powerful book writing tool. It can generate multiple output formats, including LaTeX for printable PDF versions. However, the LaTeX output is often more problematic than the html output. In this post, a collection of common issues and their solutions are listed.

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Live Preview of LaTeX in Vim

Vim, as a highly configurable and customizable editor, already has a powerful Vim-LaTeX plugin. However, I don’t like the lack of live preview feature. For this reason, I developed a plugin called vim-latex-live-preview last year. Although it currently can’t handle complex situations such as multiple tex files, it could basically handle single tex file project well (with or without BibTeX, thanks to Asis Hallab).

Note: This plugin currently doesn’t work on Windows.

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