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5 Misconceptions Web Developers Believe About Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have emerged as a competitive alternative to websites. Although websites are still irreplaceable parts of digital presence for business brands, mobile apps have been forcing them to change. The emergence of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) showcases this shift.

In spite of this overwhelming popularity of mobile apps, many web developers still hesitate to improve their skills and extend their focus on mobile app development. What misconceptions the web developers mostly harbor regarding app development? Well, this is what we are going to explain here.

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What Is Mobile App Architecture? — Key Considerations to Build Great App Architecture

For any business, while building a mobile app it is the priority to create apps for reaching their target audience with ease and optimize the app for this specific audience. But among the millions of apps that populate the Play Store and iOS App Store, perhaps only a few thousand can claim to be perfect in terms of user experience and unique value proposition: Many of the vast majority of apps that just fill up app marketplaces without contributing any substantial value is made up of less reliable architecture. Hence we are here to explain what mobile app architecture does, different types of app architecture and the ways to build them.

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